Verizon to carry Xperia Z3 as Xperia Z3v?

XperiaZ3_04Sony announced Xperia Z3 at IFA, and in the US, T-Mobile will carry it. The model of the T-Mobile Xperia Z3 is D6616. It is only available in black and will have 32GB memory (no memory choices) on-board. But it looks like another US carrier, Verizon, will have Xperia Z3 on stores too. The phone will be renamed to Xperia Z3v.

The Z3v, according to the source, will have Verizon logo of course, with references of having NFC and wireless charging on-board. There are also references of the phone having 32GB memory on-board with microSD slot. If this was real, the Z3v will be the first Sony-branded smartphone since Xperia PLAY three years ago. We’ll bring more details as it happens.

Source: PCMag



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