Sony WCR14 Wireless Charging Cover to come soon

XperiaZ3_WCR14In a short period of time Sony will launch an accessory called WCR14 Wireless Charging Cover. The case will provide the wireless charging function. Without this case, you won’t be able to charge your Xperia Z3 wirelessly.

The case is based on Qi standard, which means that you can charge your phone with the Sony WCH10 Wireless Charging Plate or with other Qi enabled charging pads. The WCR14 is made with PU leather, and it allows you to position your phone in landscape too.

There are two colours available, black and white. The price that are listed on Clove is £59.99 including VAT. The WCR14 Wireless Charging Cover will be ready to buy in late September.

XperiaZ3_WCR14  XperiaZ3_WCR14_White

Source: Clove



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