Here are some hidden facts about the Xperia Z3 series (Update: Video added)

07_XperiaZ3_side_WhiteThe Xperia Z3 series of handsets has been announced at IFA 2014 last week, and Sony has explained almost all features about these handsets. In this post we want to tell you the hidden features of the Xperia Z3 that Sony didn’t explain.

Contactless payments: No, Sony has NFC before Apple iPhone, not the opposite. Sony has putting the NFC feature starting with its first Xperia smartphone, the Xperia S. If you didn’t know it yet, NFC stands for Near Field Communication and can be used for one-touch sharing or for payment or access card. To try this, click the “Tap & Pay” setting in Xperia Z3 handsets.

Automatically optimise audio settings for Sony headphones: Sony has given an option to specifically select the Sony headset and enjoy audio optimised for that device. Click on Settings > Sound > Audio settings > Headphones.

Pause when capturing video: Nothing new about this one, this feature is already present on older feature phones. “Pause” when capturing video allows you to skip unwanted moments without editing it. To record again just hit the Record button. The movie will be saved as one file.

Screen recording: Previously this feature wasn’t available for any Android phone. If you are already on Android 4.4, you can root your phone and download some screen recording app to do the screen recording. Well now Sony gives you the official Screen recording feature starting from Xperia Z3 series device. To do it, press the power button and click ‘Record Screen’.

Ultra STAMINA Mode: This mode limits some of phone functions, giving more power to the battery. Sony says that Xperia Z3 can live for up to more than a week in standby (if from 100%) with this mode.

Smart screen rotation: Automatically determines when you are in landscape or portrait, this prevents the phone to rotate to landscape when phone is on portrait (useful when on a bed etc.)

Unlock the phone with SmartWear accessory: Go to Settings > Security > Screen lock > Bluetooth unlock and choose your desired SmartWear accessory, whether it’s SmartWatch 3 or SmartBand Talk. Next time, if accessories are in nearby and discoverable by Bluetooth, the device will be unlocked automatically.

Via Sony Mobile Blog



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