PartyShare app launched by Sony

Xperia_PartyShareIconSony has launched a new Android app called PartyShare. The app turns your phone into a jukebox by broadcasting your party in real-time.

To use the app, you need to install it and either Host a party (creates a space for your virtual party, only on Xperia devices) or Join a party (join to existing party). You can join the party by tapping each other’s device (NFC) or by selecting manually. Up to 10 users can join to the party space.

If you have joined a party, you can use the virtual space to play music in the shared playlist or to share photos. The host can connect their device to a speaker/TV to enjoy music at high quality or to enjoy photos on the big screen.

This app is available for those running Android 4.4 or later. Download here on Google Play Store. Currently only select countries and select devices can use this app, but we have uploaded an apk file here (Cloudup) to try it and see if your device is compatible.

Xperia_PartyShare1  Xperia_PartyShare2

Xperia_PartyShare3  Xperia_PartyShare4



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