Xperia Z3’s camera reviewed by DxOMark

XperiaZ3_Result_DxO1Camera specialists DxOMark has reviewed the Xperia Z3’s camera performance, and they ranked the Z3 at the top of the chart with 79 points (similar to Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2).


On the photo test, the Z3 performs nicely with good detail preservation in low-light, low noise level in all light conditions, very fast autofocus in good light and pleasant colours in some situations. Some cons found including visible colour shading in some outdoor and low-light pics and noticeable flare in sunny backlit shots. Overall in still test DxOMark gives it a score 81, similar to Xperia Z2 and Nokia 808 PureView.


On the video test, DxOMark gives the Z3 a score of 76, just three points behind the Galaxy S5. This is caused by the unstable autofocus and strong flair in very bright lighting conditions. The positive side is that the stabilisation is very good even in walking conditions and the phone produces low noise level in video.



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