Sticker creator and AR fun app available in Google Play Store

Xperia_StZ3Two of new Sony Xperia camera apps has been available in Google Play Store for at least three days now. They are AR Fun (version 2.0.10) and Sticker creator (version 1.0.4).

AR Fun lets you draw a doodle in an interactive 3D augmented reality space. Some customisations are available in the app including font sizes, colours and AR animations. The Sticker creator app lets you crop an object in the viewfinder. The image can then be edited by removing or showing the cropped pictures. After that you can use the available borders and use it to your pictures. Continue reading


PartyShare app launched by Sony

Xperia_PartyShareIconSony has launched a new Android app called PartyShare. The app turns your phone into a jukebox by broadcasting your party in real-time.

To use the app, you need to install it and either Host a party (creates a space for your virtual party, only on Xperia devices) or Join a party (join to existing party). You can join the party by tapping each other’s device (NFC) or by selecting manually. Up to 10 users can join to the party space. Continue reading